Exotic Pet Care: Special Care for Special Pets


At All Creatures Animal Hospital, we welcome all pets, great and small. We know that unusual pets can captivate our hearts just as cats and dogs do. And our team understands that the devotion these pet owners have for their pets, and their pet’s health, is just as meaningful.

That’s why our veterinarians have opened their doors to the exotics pets of Dunwoody and the Metro Atlanta area. We know that pets of all shapes, sizes, and coloration need quality veterinary care from caring professionals who understand the unique needs of these pets—and we are committed to delivering that care.

Small Mammals

If your pet preference is for ferrets, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, or even pot-bellied pigs, All Creatures Animal Hospital has your pet’s care covered. We are experienced in providing quality veterinary care for these special critters and look forward to welcoming your small mammal to our practice.

Birds and Reptiles

If mammals are too mundane for your taste, and your prefer your pets to be more exotic in nature, then it’s likely that the All Creatures Animal Hospital team is able to provide your special pet with the care he or she needs.

We are dedicated to providing the birds and reptiles of Dunwoody and Metro Atlanta with exceptional veterinary care. Birds, in particular, are a passion of ours, and we are proud of the care we are able to provide our feathered friends.

We hope you will take the time to explore the services we offer these special pets, and call us to schedule an appointment for your pet’s veterinary care.