If you notice your dog, cat, or pocket pet constantly licking or pawing at a specific area of the body, or if your bird starts losing feathers and stops preening, then it’s time to bring your pet in for dermatological care. Behavioral anomalies and visible irritation are the first signs of a skin condition, but before symptoms become severe enough to start your pet acting out, they can sometimes go unnoticed.

The same is true of eye conditions in pets. Often, it’s not until owners notice a behavioral change or can actually see the area being affected that they realize a companion animal is dealing with eye problems. Especially with ocular conditions, pain is a major symptom that should never be ignored.

At All Creatures Animal Hospital, our staff knows what to look for when your pet’s symptoms point to a dermatological or eye health issue. We are able to diagnose and treat a wide range of skin and eye conditions, and have a strong working relationship with specialists in these areas that we can refer you to for your pet’s advanced care or surgical needs.

All Creatures Animal Hospital is able to address the following dermatological issues:

We are also able to address the following eye health issues:

If your pet is in need of advanced eye care or surgery, we are happy coordinate care with a veterinary ophthalmology specialist in our area.