As many pet owners can attest, there is little worse in life than knowing that your beloved pet is in pain but not knowing how to help. Luckily, the veterinarians at All Creatures Animal Hospital understand the finer points of pain management for pets and how important proper pain management can be to your pet’s all-round quality of life.

Helping Your Pet Heal

Whether your pet is in need of surgical pain management or needs relief from chronic pain, we’ll be able to help. And, perhaps just as important, we will help you understand the ins and outs of your pet’s pain and pain medications, so you can give your pet the best possible care at home, too.

At All Creatures Animal Hospital, we believe that effective pain management is about more than just masking your pet’s pain. Instead, and when done properly, pain management can help treat your pet’s overall condition, and ultimately allow your pet to heal (when possible) without the stress and exhaustion that pain can bring.

Even if your pet suffers from chronic pain, responsible pain management can allow your four-legged friend to live a more active life without the aches and pains that his or her condition may bring.

Pain and Behavior

While there are some instances where pain management is necessary to the matter at hand (such as surgery), it can be difficult to know that your pet is in pain in his or her daily life. For many pet owners, the first clue that their pet is in pain can be a shift in his or her behavior. If your pet’s behavior has changed recently, please give us a call. It’s likely that the behavior is due to a change in your pet’s health, and not his or her overall temperament.