When caring for your pet, we sometimes need to take a closer look at internal organs, bones, tissue samples, and systemic health in order to get a clear look at the big picture.

In order to do this, All Creatures Animal Hospital has partnered with some of the finest diagnostic technicians and laboratories in the Metro Atlanta area and surrounding region. By working with specialists, both on location and remotely, we can help to ensure that your pet is receiving the best diagnostic results when they are needed.

Diagnostic Imaging

If your pet’s condition necessitates diagnostic imaging, we are able to provide the following services:

We work with Mobile Vet Services for all ultrasound work. Appointments are coordinated with MVS and must be scheduled in advance.

If your pet is in need of diagnostic imaging, your veterinarian and our office staff will work with you to schedule the soonest available appointment for your pet’s circumstance.

Lab Work and Blood Screenings

If your cat, dog, or small mammal is in need of lab work, we work with a variety of the finest veterinary labs in the Metro Atlanta area to analyze your pet’s fluid or tissue samples.

By working with these external laboratories, we can ensure that your pet’s results are accurate and on-point with the results. We outsource the following labs:

Avian Blood Testing

At All Creatures Animal Hospital, we are committed to providing exceptional care for our feathered friends in the Dunwoody and Metro Atlanta area. In an effort to provide your avian with the best possible results when it comes to blood screenings, we have partnered with the University of Miami (UM) to perform the lab work.

The cutting-edge technology available at the UM labs allows for accurate results from a much smaller blood sample—something that is vitally important to your bird when there is such a small amount of blood to begin with. If you have any questions regarding avian blood workups, please talk with your veterinarian.