Preventive care is the cornerstone of pet health and the foundation on which All Creatures Animal Hospital has built its practice. Our veterinarians believe that true wellness and longevity is based on a proactive approach to health and that all pets deserve access to regular wellness screenings throughout their life.

At All Creatures Animal Hospital, we will screen your pet from nose to tail in an effort to ensure his or her health and wellbeing. All Creatures’ whole-pet approach to pet wellness is designed to give our veterinarians a hands-on understanding of your pet’s health throughout his or her life stages, and the ability to identify any potential health issues that may pose a threat to your pet’s overall health and wellness.

By identifying potential veterinary health conditions before they develop, our staff can work with you to mitigate the condition before it worsens and help restore your pet’s health so that he or she can go on to live a healthy life for years to come.

Our nose-to-tail exam includes:

Our wellness exams are individualized to your pet’s stage in life and personal needs, and we will tailor your puppy, kitten, adult, senior, or exotic pet’s wellness exam as needed.

At the end of your pet’s exam, your veterinary team will take the time to review the results of his or her nose-to-tail wellness profile with you, and we will consult with you on how you can maintain your pet’s wellness at home in the months ahead.

Pet Wellness Packages

In an effort to make veterinary wellness care accessible for all pet owners, All Creatures Animal Hospital has partnered with V.P.I. Preventive & Wellness Services to get the care your pet needs through every stage of life. We invite you to learn more about these packages.