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The All Creatures Animal Hospital team understands the health and wellness needs of our feathered friends and has committed itself to providing exceptional care for the avians among us.

Whether you’re the caretaker of a Zebra Finch, a Rainbow Lorikeet, or a Hyacinth Macaw, our experience in bird wellness and habitat care will support your pet’s lifelong health and happiness.

Depending on your pet’s breed and circumstance, we are able to provide your bird with a wide variety of services, including:

If your bird is in need of veterinary care, or if you have any questions regarding the care your feathered friend needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Preventative Wellness Care services or visits are when a pet comes in for an exam when they are not sick or hurt in order to perform a general checkup. These visits are very important for the wellness of your pet. They provide us the basic state of your pet’s general health and well-being so that if your pet does have to come in for an illness or injury, we have information for comparing your pet’s normal well-being versus their state of well-being while ill or injured.

Birds are fragile and require extra time for services in order to reduce the risks.

  • Yearly Exam
  • Semi-Annual Exam (6 months after yearly)
  • Fecal testing - fecal float, fecal smear, and gram stain
  • Bloodwork Package
  • Vaccinations


Birds are susceptible to viruses that can be passed to people. These are called “zoonotic disease.” Since both people and birds can contract these diseases from each other, it is very important have vaccines administered yearly.

  • Polyoma Vaccine


At All Creatures Animal Hospital, we are committed to providing exceptional care for our feathered friends. We work with laboratory options in-house as well as an external laboratory.  Wellness blood work checkups are important yearly so that if there is a medical condition, we have a base line to compare to when we test the blood for signs of an illness.



We require an exam be performed within the year to be able to have any of these procedures performed. Birds are very fragile and require extra time to reduce the stress risks. A wing trim can be performed once the bird is at least 1 year old to not affect the blood feathers from developing fully. Beak trims help ensure the beak is not obstructing the bird’s ability to eat. If a beak is overgrown, the bird may not be able to grasp or push food into its mouth properly. Nail trims help maintain proper nail length that allow your bird to properly grasp onto branches or objects, as well as stand properly on a counter or any flat surface.


Nutrition is the key to maintaining a healthy bird, and poor nutrition affects all aspects of a bird’s life and mortality. All bird owners should be educated properly on the best foods for your bird’s needs. A ‘seed’ diet is not recommended – seeds are the candy of the bird world. Our vet staff can provide you with information on pellets, fruits, and vegetables that can be better for a well-balanced diet. Check out our Avian Resources section for more details!


The habitat of a bird not only includes the cage where it is housed, but also the physical house in which the cage resides. A bird cannot be exposed to perfumes, cleaners, and many products used throughout the home that could be normal to use in most homes but dangerous to a bird. It is important to discuss the home environment with your veterinarian when reviewing your bird’s health to make sure you have your bird in the safest, healthiest environment available.


Behavior is the way your pet acts to try and communicate something to their owners. Negative behaviors could be because the bird has picked up a bad habit, or it could be because your pet is ill and trying to communicate the issue to you. Whenever a pet’s behavior changes drastically, seek medical attention immediately. We have a bird specialist here at All Creatures who can examine your pet to determine what may be causing the behavioral issues. 


Surgical procedures are rare for any vet practice, but All Creatures has been trained and actively perform services and surgical procedures on birds for 28 years. A surgical procedure on a bird will always be the last resort, due to the fragile nature of birds in general. We have successfully performed surgical procedures such as wing amputations and removal of a foreign object on birds.

All Creatures Animal Hospital
2482-C Mt. Vernon Rd.
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