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Petland - New Clients & Patients

Thank you for choosing All Creatures for your pet’s medical and other needs. As a new client & patient, there is some information we will need from you. Check out the following sections for guidance:

Did You Just Purchase a Pet from Petland in Dunwoody?

Congratulations on your new addition to the family! Please follow these steps for your Petland Warranty Exam:

1) Call us & Schedule your Warranty Exam appointment - 770-393-3400

Please follow these steps for your Petland Warranty Exam:

Per the first sentence of the Petland contract, your pet must be seen by our medical staff within 4 days of purchase for the Petland Warranty to cover any medical care for any medical issue that is evident in this first exam. If you fail to be seen within 4 days of purchase, the Petland Warranty will no longer be able to cover any illness your pet may have had at the time of purchase.

If you believe your pet may have a serious medical issue needing immediate care during our normal business hours, contact us immediately so we can check your pet out and provide immediate care. If it is after our business hours, please seek assistance at your nearest emergency vet hospital (speak with Petland directly about any Warranty concerns if your pet is seen outside of All Creatures). 

We are open every day of the week - including weekends! Appointment availability fills up fast, so calling us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment time. If there are no appointment times available within your 4 days, we have 'drop-off' availability - to drop off your pet by 8:30am and then pick up at the end of the day between 5:00pm - 6:00pm. If you wait until day 4 to call, we cannot guarantee any appointment or drop-off availability for your warranty requirements.

2) Complete the New Client & Patient Form  and email it back to us prior to your appointment: 

If you are a new client with no previous history at our clinic with another pet, this form is for basic information we need about both the pet and you (the client) for our files. If you are an existing client that has been here before with a previous pet, please inform our staff.

3) Arrive to your Appointment -

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to allow time for us to enter you in as a new client and verify your information. If you have a 'Drop-off' appointment, arrive no later than 8:20am. Provide the following for your appointment:

  • Petland Papers – Petland has provided you with a booklet of papers. Please bring all of these papers to your first appointment
  • Fecal Sample – You have the option to have your pet's fecal (poop) checked by the lab for parasites, charged to you for $33.00. If parasites are found in this sample, the cost of the medication is covered under the Petland Warranty (all medical instructions must be followed for coverage). If you choose to do this optional lab work, please bring a fecal (poop) sample to your visit that is less than 24 hours old.

What to Expect for your First Visit

All Creatures strives to improve the human-animal bond. In order to do so, we take the time to discuss the lifestyle of your pet, as well as provide you, the owner, educational materials to help prepare you to be the best pet parent you can be! This appointment can be 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your previous knowledge and experience in owning a pet.

DUE TO COVID-19, we currently are not able to have one-on-one talks with our new clients in person during the appointment. We will discuss your appointment during your visit, but then a medical staff member will call you within a few days for a "New Pet Talk" to go over questions about owning a new pet. Please see our Pet Care Resources section for information on owning a new pet!

Recommended medical services are different depending on what species of animal you are bringing to us and the age of your pet. Check out our Animal Services section to get more info on medical services available!

Any vaccines still due for your pet after the date of purchase are the financial responsibility of the owner to purchase and is not covered by the Petland Warranty. At the time of purchase your pet may have received some (but not all) of the vaccines for your pet. Some vaccines must also be administered only by a licensed vet at a facility. We will review your medical record provided by Petland and advise you of your pet’s current vaccine schedule and of any additional vaccines your pet may need. You are not required to purchase vaccines solely at All Creatures

Puppy & Kitten Packs - Helpful Info & Tips for New Pet Parents

Being a new pet parent can be so hard! All Creatures is here for you to help guide you with helpful tips and info about being a new furry pet mom or dad. Select the pack below for your type of fur baby to get all our helpful info. If you want to see a list of all the documents in the pack, go to our Dog Care or Cat Care sections under Resources to be able to select individual topics found in these packs. 

Complete Kitten Info Pack

Complete Puppy Info Pack

All Creatures Puppy Talk Videos

If you have a puppy, check out our puppy talk videos on Youtube! Our medical staff go through the most common questions and concerns. We have live Puppy Talks every Saturday on our Facebook page where you can type in questions while Gaby goes over that week's topic.

One of our medical team members will also call you within a week of your medical appointment with us to go over questions you may have about pet care. We are always here for you if you are concerned about anything or need advice. Call our staff or email us a question at

All Creatures Animal Hospital
2482-C Mt. Vernon Rd.
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