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New Client / New Patient Information

Thank you for choosing All Creatures for your pet’s medical and other needs. As a new client & patient, there is some information we will need from you. Check out the following sections for guidance:

Are You a New Client?

As a new client, there are some forms we would require in order to get the best understanding of your pet’s home environment and lifestyle as well as basic information about both the pet and you, the client, for our files. We need the following before or by your first appointment:

First Time Pet Owners - What to Expect for your First Visit

All Creatures strives to improve the human-animal bond. In order to do so, we take the time to discuss the lifestyle of your pet, as well as provide you, the owner, educational materials to help prepare you to be the best pet parent you can be! This appointment can be 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your previous knowledge and experience in owning a pet.

Recommended medical services are different depending on what species of animal you are bringing to us and the age of your pet. Check out our “Animal Services” section to get more info on medical services available!


All Creatures Animal Hospital provides clients with a Warranty Wellness Exam to satisfy the requirements of the Petland Warranty.

  • The Warranty Wellness Exam must occur within four days of purchasing the pet. If this appointment is missed, the Petland Warranty becomes void, which means if the pet becomes sick after purchase, then the medical expenses become the responsibility of the owner and is no longer covered by the warranty.

  • If an illness is found during the Warranty Wellness Exam, the warranty covers the financial expenses of the medications and exams for treatment as long as the owner follows the treatment plan provided by All Creatures.

  • Any vaccines still due for your pet after the date of purchase are the financial responsibility of the owner to purchase and is not covered by the Petland Warranty. At the time of purchase your pet may have received some (but not all) of the vaccines for your pet. Some vaccines must also be administered only by a licensed vet at a facility. We will review your medical record provided by Petland and advise you of your pet’s current vaccine schedule and of any additional vaccines your pet may need. You are not required to purchase vaccines solely at All Creatures

All Creatures Animal Hospital
2482-C Mt. Vernon Rd.
Dunwoody, GA 30338
Phone: (770) 393-3400
Fax: 770-395-9500

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