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Petly Wellness Plan

The “Petly Wellness Plan” is a convenient option to manage the expense of yearly wellness care for cats and dogs. These plans break up the charges for routine preventative care into affordable monthly payments. There are different levels of plans depending on your pet's age because dogs and cats age at a much faster rate than people and older pets need more thorough diagnostic testing.

For every year that you age, your pet can age from 6 to 8 years. The All Creatures Animal Hospital Team wants to be here for you and your pet throughout every stage of his or her life and we will strive to make that both convenient and affordable for you. The cost for the services, procedures, and medications in each Petly Plan is divided into 12 equal monthly payments. Plans also include a discount for an unlimited number of exams due to illness - pets with Wellness Plans receive a 25% discount on the following exam fees:

  • Illness Exams (excludes urgent and emergency exams)
  • Recheck Exams
  • Veterinary Nurse Exams

All Plans include the recommended exams, vaccines, and lab testing options appropriate for the life stages of your pet. Plans allow for some customization to add procedures or services your pet may need for their care (such as x-rays or dental cleaning) either at sign-up or later in the year if your pet suddenly needs additional services.

Petly Plans Overview Info

Petly Plan Services

Petly FAQs

Adolescent Plan for Puppies & Kittens 

We highly recommend signing up for our Adolescent Wellness Plan Package before your pet reaches 6 months of age. This plan would divide the costs of your pet’s upcoming spay/neuter procedure and routine annual services over 12 manageable monthly payments. 

The plan includes:

  • Bloodwork prior to your pet's spay/neuter procedure to ensure they are healthy enough to receive and metabolize the anesthesia
  • The spay/neuter procedure
  • Your pet's first year of preventive care after reaching 1 year of age, which includes: 2 semi-annual exams, rabies vaccine, DHLPP vaccine, Bordetella vaccine, Fecal Floatation to check for intestinal parasites, and Heartworm testing

If you would like to sign your pet up at an earlier age, puppy or kitten booster vaccines can be added on to this package

Adult Plans for Canines & Felines

Your pet's medical and nutritional needs change as their body ages. Adult plans help manage their evolving health care needs by monitoring vital organ function and detecting problems early, before they become life threatening.

Every Adult Preventive Care Plan offered by All Creatures Animal Hospital includes:

  • 2 semi-annual exams
  • Rabies vaccine
  • DHLPP vaccine for dogs, FVRCP vaccine for cats
  • Bordetella vaccine for dogs, Feline Leukemia vaccine for cats
  • Fecal Floatation to check for intestinal parasites
  • Heartworm testing

The Basic Plan also includes a basic screening bloodwork panel

The Comprehensive Plan includes a comprehensive bloodwork panel (in place of the basic screening panel in the Basic Plan)

The Senior Plan includes semi-annual comprehensive bloodwork panels (done every 6 months) and a cardiac workup package

Add-on options are available:

  • Routine dental cleaning
  • Twice a year ProHeart injections for heartworm prevention for canine patients.

  • All Creatures Animal Hospital strives to provide you with an affordable way to manage preventative wellness care for your pets! We have plans to accommodate the needs of your pets at any life stage, with the option to add on additional services as well to meet your pet’s needs.

Petly Plans Frequently Asked Questions

What is preventive care?

Preventive care is the combination of regular examinations, vaccinations, screenings, and other medical services that your veterinarian performs when your pet comes in for a visit. These procedures allow your vet to create a health history or your pet, and catch and treat small health issues before they turn into big problems.

What is included in preventive care?

Checkups, vaccinations, blood work, intestinal parasite and urine screenings, dental cleanings, and other routine services fall under the preventive care category. The age, gender, breed, and general health status of your pet will impact the type of preventive services administered to them. ​

Do puppies and kittens need preventive care?

Yes. Illness doesn’t discriminate! Starting your pet of right away with preventive care will ensure they have a long, happy, and healthy life. Vaccines to prevent diseases like rabies and distemper should be given to your pet early on in his life and spaying or neutering your pet early on will prevent many health and behavioral issues.

Do senior pets need preventive care?

Yes again. As a pet ages, different health concerns can crop up. Regular checkups and screening can catch these health issues and allow your pet to live comfortably as they transition into their golden years. The preventive services for senior pets include: biannual checkups, dental cleanings, vaccinations, blood and urine screenings, parasite control, and more.

What is a Petly Plan?

A Petly Plan is an affordably monthly payment plan that pet owners can use to pay for their pets’ preventive care services. Petly Plans were created by veterinarians who know what it takes to keep your pet healthy, while still keeping the cost reasonable. With Petly Plans, vets can work side-by-side with pet owners to create customized preventive plans for their pets, as well as an appropriate monthly payment plan to cover the cost of the services.

Is there a membership fee?

Yes there is. After you and your veterinarian determine which Petly Plan is right for your pet, your monthly membership fee will be created, and the fee will appropriately reflect the cost of coverage.

Can I cancel or change my plan?

Yes. We understand that life happens, and unforeseeable circumstances are impossible to predict. We make it easy to cancel or change your Petly Plan at any time and won’t charge you cancellation fees. All you are responsible for is the regular price of services you’ve utilized thus far.

​Is a Petly Plan an insurance policy?

No. Petly Plans aren’t the same thing as pet insurance. Pet insurance helps to offset the cost of major health issues like severe illness or unexpected injury, whereas Petly Plans are meant to help you manage the cost of your pet’s preventive care services.

Are Petly Plans right for me?

Do you bring your pet to see his veterinarian one or more times per year? Do you notice signs of gum disease or other dental issues in your pet? Do you desire your pet to be up-to-date on all of his vaccinations? Does your pet have certain health issues that are associated with his breed or genetic history? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Petly Plans is right for you. If you have more questions about Petly Preventive Care Plans, please feel free to contact us.

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